Severe Storms for Middletown

Severe storms are frequent and unpredictable in RI and across the South. Warm months often bring the most dangerous storms like funnel clouds, hurricanes and thunderstorms. Unfortunately, even the most prepared houses or commercial properties can fall victim to severe weather. Paul Davis Emergency Services work hard to help you recover from storm damage on your property whenever bad weather hits.

Affordable Storm Damage Repair in Middletown

The Paul Davis specialists work locally with weather remediation after inclement storms in Middletown. We are here anytime for emergency services and estimates on storm damage. Whether the damage is major or minor, you can call our certified emergency professionals to repair your property. We assist with the insurance route and offer storm remediation estimates. Paul Davis performs storm damage help for these common events:

Tornado Damage

Across the region and in Middletown, tornadoes can leave a trail of destruction in their wake. These severe gusts can destroy vehicles and electricity hookups as well as inflict additional problems. Frequent damage tornadoes cause includes torn siding, shattered windows, missing shingles and in some cases, whole roofs. Trees and vehicles aren’t even safe in strong wind storms. If you would like a repair quote, call the specialists at Paul Davis of Middletown.

Water Damage

Water is necessary to live, but in severe rain, it can be dangerous. When enough collects, flooding can destroy foundations, drywall, fabrics and create mold growth if left unchecked. A severe thunderstorm with heavy rainfall can leave behind muddy shrapnel or septic leakage around your home as well. Paul Davis Emergency specialists also help with water damage, get more information on our page.

Tropical Storm Damage

Hurricanes combine the worst parts of high winds and rainfall into a single serious storm. When a hurricane strikes RI or surrounding area, the floods and gusts can be powerful enough to level buildings, trees and tip over vehicles. If you would like an estimate for storm damage repair after a hurricane, call Paul Davis Emergency Services now.

Hailstone Damage

Ice and hail is an expected part of winter around RI. Severe hail storms can bend and crack surfaces on your home, leading to long-term leaks and compounding damage. Paul Davis of Middletown are prepared to assist you with repairing your home 24/7.