Storm Damage Responders for East Taunton

MA is notorious for severe storms. Warm months usually bring the most dangerous storms like tornadoes, tropical storms and thunderstorms. Sadly, even the most prepared houses or commercial properties can fall victim to severe weather. The contractors of Paul Davis respond quickly to help you rebuil damage from storms on your property whenever bad weather hits.

Affordable Storm Damage Repair in East Taunton

The Paul Davis experts work locally with weather remediation after dangerous storms across East Taunton. We are here 24/7 for emergency services and estimates on storm damage. However serious the damage, you can call on our licensed restoration professionals to restore your home or business. We assist with the claims process and offer storm remediation estimates. Paul Davis offers storm damage restoration for these common events:

Tornado and Funnel Cloud Damage

Tornadoes in East Taunton and across the South can span from weak to dangerous. These strong gusts can level trees and electricity hookups as well as cause supplementary damage. Common damage tornadoes cause includes torn siding, shattered windows, ripped shingles and even whole roofs. Trees and vehicles aren’t immune in strong wind storms. If you would like a quote for tornado damage, call the contractors from Paul Davis Emergency Services.

Rain Damage

We often underestimate water because it’s often under our control in our daily life, but water damage can become a intensely destructive force to your home or business. Flooding can enter structures, destroy walls, fabrics and encourage mold blooms. A serious thunderstorm with heavy rainfall can leave behind dirty shrapnel or sewage in your property as well. To learn more about flooding, see our water damage page.

Hurricane Damage

With the worst components of strong winds and floods mixed, hurricanes can be devastating. While tropical storms vary in strength, these storms can be strong enough to destroy buildings, uproot trees and flip vehicles. If you would like a quote for storm damage repair after a hurricane, call Paul Davis now.

Hailstone Damage

East Taunton doesn’t get lots of snow, but ice and hail can be normal fixture of winter. At its most intense, large hailstones can crack glass, warp and cause fissues in shingles which leads to roof damage. Paul Davis are prepared to help you repair your home 24/7.