Berkley Home Remodeling

Dreaming of an updated bathroom? Perhaps a new kitchen? What about a complete home remodel? All of those dreams can become a reality with Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling. With extensive experience in this industry, we have the expertise to provide high-quality craftsmanship to projects for homeowners or design and real estate professionals. Our objective is to make your home the place that you can’t wait to get back to at the end of the day.

You might associate the name Paul Davis with superior restoration work, but that’s not the only service we provide in the Berkley area. For over 50 years, our franchise has offered remodeling services too. No matter how big or small, we will manage and complete your remodeling work. Throughout your Berkley remodeling project, your remodeling technicians will be by your side. We will work as hard as we can to understand your ideal room and perform our job accordingly. We aren’t satisfied with our work unless you are.

Below we’ve included a cample of the remodeling projects that you can undertake with the help of our skilled team:

  • Kitchen: It is time to transition from tight spaces, outdated appliances, or grotesque decor in your current kitchen. We’ll revamp this important space and give you the ideal kitchen that you and your family will love. The final result will be functional and beautiful.
  • Bathrooms: From powder rooms to master bathrooms, we can manage all your bathroom remodeling projects. We’ll introduce you to some of the latest trends in tile, lighting, and plumbing fixtures to create a space that you will love for years to come.
  • Basement: Does your property have an unfinished basement you would like to remodel? From theater rooms to man caves, we can help you make the best use of your basement space.
  • Additions: Add some additional space to a kitchen or bedroom, or create new rooms entirely with a home addition. We’ll manage all the work, from submitting permits to installing light switches.

At Paul Davis Restoration in Berkley, we’ve built our heritage one project at a time, establishing a reputation for integrity, responsibility, and performance. We have grown deep roots to our client base and their individual projects. We take the time necessary to understand your vision and utilize our skill and expertise to provide you with the highest-quality work that we can. Start your home remodeling project in Berkley by contacting Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling today.